Gone Far Beyond is a sustainable and socially responsible community enterprise established by Marissa Nolan. Gone Far Beyonds creates inspirational, profound and life changing experiences of the highest quality, that also benefit and improve the lives of local people in need. 

Every year, Gone Far Beyond creates once-in-a-lifetime trips that raises funds to benefit local individuals, families and communities in crisis. Marissa calls her treks and retreats 'giving and receiving experiences' as your participation every retreat will touch you and also enhance the lives of local people in hardship. 

Marissa brings together her work as a therapist, social worker and yoga and meditation teacher, along with her years living and working in Asia, to create special, rejuvenating journeys that connect you to the local culture and yourself. She wants to show you how you can have a mind-blowing holiday while also genuinely helping local people in need in a sustainable way.

During your trip, you will experience all the simplicity, luxury and magic that Nepal has to offer. You will also be introduced to local social issues and be discover the incredible wisdom and beauty of Nepalese culture. 

you don’t need to volunteer in asia

Why volunteer when you can go on a Gone Far Beyond experience and genuinely help communities? Most people volunteer because at best they want to help someone else or feel good about themselves, at worst they want a cheap holiday and selfies. Either way, the consequences for communities, families and especially children can be enormous. Fake orphanages are created, children go missing and volunteer organisations often don't pass on the profits to the communities they exploit. As a social worker, Marissa advises anyone considering volunteering to be very cautious.

The difference between Gone Far Beyond and volunteering is: you will not have access to vulnerable children, people or communities, and the money we raise goes directly to those who we serve. Gone Far Beyond is guided by local professional social workers, therapists and community leaders to provide retreats and treks that will do the greatest good for local communities with the lowest negative impact. 

So come on a life-changing experience this year or contact Marissa to design a bespoke adventure for you!

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You are strongly urged to book early as group numbers are limited to ensure as special an experience as possible. See the retreats available below or click this button to discover more about Gone Far Beyond


The next retreat is 23rd March 2019

Soul Medicine Yoga Retreat & trek

 AUD$2,359 per person x2 (AUD$4,718 total)

AUD$2,359 per person x2 (AUD$4,718 total)

 AUD$2,459 per person x1 - booked prior 1st Dec

AUD$2,459 per person x1 - booked prior 1st Dec

 AUD$2,659 per person x1 - booked after 1st Dec

AUD$2,659 per person x1 - booked after 1st Dec



23RD MARCH 2019




As a therapist, Marissa's intention is to empower you to understand yourself and develop abilities to manage the highs and lows of life. She utilises a variety of methods to help you with your challenges and obstacles.

As a social worker, Marissa acts to promote a world where equality, respect for difference and the ability to achieve one's potential is a realisation for all and not just an ideal.

As a teacher, Marissa's aim is to help you find the practices that work and make sense for you. Combining the benefits of neurobiology, psychology, trauma and recovery therapy, therapeutic yoga and Buddhist philosophy, Marissa promotes the benefits of meditation and yoga for mind, body and spirit.

As a researcher, Marissa produces academic papers on women’s empowerment and the current social development context in Nepal, the fundamental importance of the ‘social aggregates’ in healing trauma and preventing mental illness.

As a trek and retreat organiser, Marissa combines all her professional skills and local knowledge to create unique experiences that are deeply rewarding to all members and also beneficial to the communities they visit.


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