2019 sacred places


Absorb the energy of sacred places, receive teachings to awaken your mind and be touched by beauty that opens your heart to a positive way of being.


Visit four of the most significant places in India:

Rishikesh the holy place of worship at the mouth of the Ganges

Varanasi the sacred city of liberation where the ganges flows upstream

Taj Mahal the temple of dedication to love

Delhi the MuGhAL city of POWER

As a transformational process therapist and social worker, Marissa creates once-in-a-lifetime therapeutic retreats that also change the lives of local people in need.

Marissa at Gone Far Beyond will also donate AUD$100 for every member to the Children of the Ganga’ charity who provide free education to street children. This money will be use for essential books and resources to improve their education. Extra contributions with friends and family are welcome but there is no obligation. 

19th to 30th November 2019

AUD$2,959 (approx. USD$2,130) per person - 11 nights/12 days

early bird discount for booking before 1st SEPTEMBER 2019

Save AUD$600 when you bring a friend or partner

See below for details or email to receive a full itinerary


Cleansing Waters & Sacred Places Retreat

The river that renews and liberates

The river that renews and liberates

Unforgettable sunsets

Unforgettable sunsets

Prayers to the life giving Ganga

Prayers to the life giving Ganga

‘Mother Ganga’ - The Ganges, begins at the foot of the Himalayan mountains at Rishikesh and gives life to India. A place of being born. She then flows down to Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India. A place of life, death and ‘moksha’ transcendence.

Teacher, Social Worker and Therapist

As a transformational process therapist, therapeutic yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness and compassion teacher and social worker, Marissa creates once-in-a-lifetime therapeutic retreats that also change the lives of local people in crisis.

You will also experience transformational and insightful therapeutic yoga practices and therapeutic processes, designed to help you release, relax and regain a sense of wholeness, purpose and personal meaning.

Being a process specialist means Marissa helps people heal, recover and most importantly find the beauty and appreciation for life. She has been facilitating international events for 15 years.

Monument to Love

The Taj Mahal was build as a mausoleum by Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife who died in childbirth in 1631. It was said that his grief was so great that his hair turned white.

Located in Agra which was the capital of the Mughal empire from the 16-17th century, The Taj Mahal has been considered the greatest monument to love. For many it is the crowning reason for the visit to India.

Upon first seeing the completed building Emperor Shah said: "the sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs and makes sun and moon shed tears from their eyes. In this world this edifice has been made to display, thereby, the Creator's glory".

It took 22 years to construct the building by 20,000 craftsmen and is adorned with quotations from the Quran and semi-precious crystals such as: agate, turquoise, onyx, coral, cats eye, bloodstone and jade.


Stay in Old Delhi Luxury

One of the truly special pleasures of this retreat is staying in a perfectly restored five star haveli hotel in the old City of Delhi.

The 5 story boutique hotel has been painstakingly renovated to the highest quality to showcase the craftsmanship, indulgence and elegance of a time gone by.

The hotel is within walking of markets, bazaars, temples and ancient sites - and has one of the finest restaurants in Delhi.

After the simplicity of ashram life, it will be pure luxury!

Receive teachings and a classes by the Swami

Receive teachings and a classes by the Swami

Rishikesh, one of the great homes of yoga

Rishikesh, one of the great homes of yoga

The view from your room at the ashram

The view from your room at the ashram

Meditate where yogis have practiced for centuries

Meditate where yogis have practiced for centuries


5 days of ashram life

Swami-ji has been teaching yoga since leaving home to be a holy man at the age of 17. He as worked with many masters, achieved higher levels of practice, has a degree in sanskrit and yoga from Banaris University and is familiar with all styles of yoga. From his gorgeous ashram overlooking the Ganges in the last 25 years he has trained over 5000 yoga teachers from around the world.

Many years ago Marissa trained with Swami who has since been a continual inspiration to her throughout her professional life as a therapist and also as a yoga teacher.

Swami-ji is a very humble, kind, humorous and clear teacher. You will have the opportunity to receive instruction from him and other prominent teachers in the ashram.

In addition to this, you will also in-depth classes from Marissa detailing practices that have become lost in western styles of yoga, and also the fundamental healing principles that makes yoga work therapeutically.

You will also receive a complimentary massage or healing session of your choice to be used while in Rishikesh, so you can sample some of the local practitioners. You can choose from:

  • Reiki and spiritual healing session

  • Crystal healing session

  • Chakra healing session

  • India ayurveda massage

  • Cranial sacral treatment

  • Private or meditation yoga session

Marissa will also be offer all retreat member 50% her treatments for clients who want to work on any personal or life issues.

What You Can Anticipate

  • Traditional Indian welcoming ceremony

  • Deluxe luxury suite with full amenities in Delhi

  • Your own private room in Varanasi, Rishikesh and Agra

  • AUD$600 discount for twin or double share

  • Hotel transfers to/from Delhi airport

  • Retreat fee includes all meals and internal transport

  • Enjoy a full spectrum of traditional Indian food and fine cuisine

  • All meals are vegetarian, although meat is available in hotels

  • All dietary requirements are available upon request

  • Stay in a traditional ashram on the Ganges river

  • One complimentary massage or healing session in Rishkesh

  • Five day yoga and meditation retreat in an ashram on the Ganges

  • Three days yoga and meditation retreat in Varanasi the holy city

  • Two days in Agra to see the Taj Mahal

  • Stay in a traditional Haveli in Old Delhi city

  • No meditation or yoga experience is required

  • Entry fee and tour of the Taj Mahal included in retreat price

  • AUD$100 donation to Children of the Ganga on your behalf

  • Professional meditation and yoga teaching by Marissa Nolan

  • Therapeutic processes for greater self understanding and resolve

  • Meet guest traditional India yoga and meditation teachers

  • Experience authentic original yoga and meditation styles

  • Visit the famous burning ghats in Varanasi

  • Visit the old markets in Delhi old city

  • Orientation is at 5.30pm on 19th November 2019

  • You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay after the retreat

  • You will have free time to explore Rishikesh, Varanasi, Agra & Delhi

  • Return flights to and from Delhi are an additional costs

  • Email Marissa for a full itinerary: marissa@marissanolan.com.

No Experience is Necessary

This will be a very special journey through India! You will have the opportunity to follow the life giving river ‘The Ganges’ in Rishikesh where life is celebrated to Varanasi where liberation is sort.

You will have five rejuvenating days of yoga and meditation at an ashram overlooking the Ganges. You will receive instruction and classes from Swami, who is a devoted practitioner and respected teachers, and who has trained over 5000 yoga teachers over the last 25 years.

Throughout the retreat you will enjoy beautiful, transformational and insightful therapeutic yoga practices designed by Marissa to help you release, relax and regain a sense of wholeness and personal meaning. 

In Delhi there will be time for shopping and the final indulgence of the luxury of small palatial boutique hotel in the centre of the old city. Staying there you will experience the romance and opulence of ancient Mughal life.

The retreat includes: all food, professional yoga and meditation teacher, trains and buses. As well as accommodation at the ashram, guesthouses and luxury haveli hotel in Delhi.

During the retreat: In India food is so much part of life. You will be treated to traditional Indian home cooked food, simple sattvic food in the ashram as well as a few fine dining experiences carefully hand picked by Marissa. In your free time, you will have the opportunity to explore and you can also take advantage of the complimentary massage or healing session that is included in the retreat fee. 

Varanasi the city of Moksha

During your three days in Varanasi you will be taken on a tour of the ghats and boat ride, along with morning and evening meditation and yoga practice . There will also be plenty of free time for you to stroll the streets and discover Varanasi for yourself.

GFB Testimonial

“I had no expectations when I booked, it was simply a country I had always wanted to explore. I have to be honest and say the time I spent on Marissa’s yoga retreat changed my life. It not only gave me great insight into people, culture and philosophy but also to myself.

Marissa, thank you for being so generous with your local knowledge and for the kind and nurturing person that you are”. 

Megan Evert, QLD Australia, March 2019


Yoga and Meditation Styles

·      Mindfulness and compassion meditation

·      Traditional Indian yoga and meditation

·      Present and heart-centred yoga

·      Viniyoga and Hatha yoga

· Yoga Therapy

·      Yoga and spiritual psychology

·      Transformational meditation therapy processes

Yoga and Social Work

Yoga and social work are united by the principles of service, humanity, equality, compassion, liberation, openness, understanding and transcending boundaries.

Marissa is a yoga teacher who has lived in the Himalayas for 6 years. She will introduce you to Indian yoga and meditation teachers and healing practitioners she has come to know who will share their unique practices and beautiful way of life. 

As a therapist and social worker, every retreat and experience Marissa creates is motivated to help others. For this trip, AUD$100 per person will be donated to providing resources to street children living in and around the Ganges. Extra contributions are welcome and members are free to raise additional funds themselves. Every dollar helps enormously, but there is no obligation. 

Children of the Ganga Charity

Children of the Ganga Charity

Providing materials and resources to the charity

Providing materials and resources to the charity

How We Help

The Children of the Ganges charity is a small group of workers and teachers dedicated to providing free education for children regardless of religion, caste, gender or social status and promote the qualities of kindness and compassion, ethical behaviour and a sense of universal responsibility.

They teach reading and writing in Hindi and English, social skills, art, music, meditation and traditional Indian dance.

With the funds we raise we will provide needed books and resources to improve the standard of education.

As a local social worker in Asia, Marissa works closely with grassroots organisations, community leaders and local people to identify where our help can be of the greatest benefit, with the most positive and long-term social change, and without any negative social effects.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the complex social issues of India, its history, its crises and understand the intricacies of social development and knowing how to contribute effectively. You will also meet the grassroots team that work toward greater education and opportunity for the children that live in poverty on the Ganges.

AUD$2,659 per person x2 (AUD$5,318 total)  Includes $600 discount for bringing a friend

AUD$2,659 per person x2 (AUD$5,318 total)

Includes $600 discount for bringing a friend

AUD$2,759 per person x1 - booked prior 1st Aug  Includes $200 saving for booking before 1st Aug

AUD$2,759 per person x1 - booked prior 1st Aug

Includes $200 saving for booking before 1st Aug

AUD$2,959 per person x1 - booked after 1st Aug

AUD$2,959 per person x1 - booked after 1st Aug



AUD$2,959pp (approx. USD$2,130) including all taxes. (See currency converter for your country's rate on the booking system.)

A non-refundable deposit of AUD$500pp is required to reserve your place.

If you book and pay your deposit before 1st September 2019 and save $200 off a private room with ensuite or save $600 off a twin or double share room with ensuite.

Full payment is required before 1st November 2019. Cancellation fee is 100%. Group numbers are limited to 10.

If you need alternative payment methods or for the full itinerary please contact Marissa at marissa@marissanolan.com.

To see reviews or our last trip go to: www.facebook.com/gonefarbeyond.

Marissa has been organising international events for over 15 years. Working together with her team you are in very safe hands!

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