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Marissa Nolan is a professionally qualified and highly experienced therapist, social worker, teacher and researcher. She runs a successful online counselling and supervision practice and provides outreach counselling and social work throughout Asia and the Himalayas. Through her social enterprise Gone Far Beyond, Marissa utilises her skills and knowledge to offer once-in-a-lifetime treks and retreats to raise funds for local communities in crisis.


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                       Kagbeni, Lower Mustang, Nepal. 2017.

                      Kagbeni, Lower Mustang, Nepal. 2017.

Marissa has been a practicing therapist for eight years. She holds both a bachelor's degree in counselling and social science and a master's degree in social work from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Sydney. Marissa specialises in trauma, recovery and cross-cultural approaches to psychology.

For the last six years, Marissa has been a social worker and trauma therapist in Nepal. During this time she experienced firsthand the devastation wrought by the 2015 earthquake. This event inspired her call for a new framework for humanitarian interventions in developing countries and which currently forms the basis of her work as a researcher. She is passionate about research pertaining to indigenous psychology in Nepal and social-relational methods of academic excellence. Her aim is to promote opportunities for prosperity, sustainability and social justice that are locally-driven.

Marissa also continues to teach courses, lead workshops and lecture at academic and healthcare institutions both at home and abroad.

In addition to this work, Marissa designs treks and retreats throughout Asia with her company Gone Far Beyond. Her guiding principle is curbing the harmful trend of volunteer tourism by organising life-changing experiences for guests that have a positive impact on local communities.

Marissa's methods are a synthesis of ancient Eastern philosophy and modern Western science. It is her belief that the wisdom of the past and the knowledge of the present can be combined for the benefit of all.

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Marissa's Vision

As a therapist, Marissa's intention is to empower you to understand yourself and develop abilities to manage the highs and lows of life. She utilises a variety of methods to help you with your challenges and obstacles.

As a social worker, Marissa acts to promote a world where equality, respect for difference and the ability to achieve one's potential is a realisation for all and not just an ideal.

As a teacher, Marissa's aim is to help you find the practices that work and make sense for you. Combining the benefits of neurobiology, psychology, trauma and recovery therapy, therapeutic yoga and Buddhist philosophy, Marissa promotes the benefits of meditation and yoga for mind, body and spirit.

As a researcher, Marissa produces academic papers on women’s empowerment and the current social development context in Nepal, the fundamental importance of the ‘social aggregates’ in healing trauma and preventing mental illness.

As a trek and retreat organiser, Marissa combines all her professional skills and local knowledge to create unique experiences that are deeply rewarding to all members and also beneficial to the communities they visit.

The next retreat is 23rd March 2019


AUD$2,359 per person x2 (AUD$4,718 total)

 AUD$2,459 per person x1 - booked prior 1st Dec

AUD$2,459 per person x1 - booked prior 1st Dec

 AUD$2,659 per person x1 - booked after 1st Dec

AUD$2,659 per person x1 - booked after 1st Dec


nepal yogA trek & medical relief mission

23rd March 2019

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