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As a therapist, Marissa specialises in assisting individuals or groups affected by conflict, transition and change, relationship difficulties, trauma, depression and anxiety. She also provides counselling to other mental health professionals and humanitarian workers.

Marissa offers private counselling online and adheres to the code of ethics set out by the 2010 Australian Association of Social Workers (

                Outreach work in Kaski District, Nepal. 2016.

               Outreach work in Kaski District, Nepal. 2016.

If it is your first session, click here to download the Counselling Consent Form. The form must be completed prior to your first session and returned to: The form also provides information about what to expect from your sessions and the Terms and Conditions that govern them.

Marissa is also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher. She trained in Rishikesh, Kerala and Chennai, India, the so-called 'Birthplaces of Yoga'. Marissa combines clinical therapeutic techniques with these disciplines, as well as mindfulness, stress relief, self-care and compassion. Detailed information about her sessions can be found below, while costs can be found under the Fees section on the Home Page.

Marissa is also a recovery therapy and social change researcher. Marissa advocates awareness about the cultural and social 'aggregates' that explain why different countries experience differing rates of trauma after a a disaster event.

It is hoped that by bringing into the professional and public domain the ‘social determinants’ and the ‘social aggregates' that cause long-term trauma, both professional attitudes and governmental policy around how trauma is treated will change. In particular, a change in the way disasters are responded to and a recognition and increase in resources of the social aggregates that protect communities from long-term traumatic stress. Marissa is currently writing a paper on the subject which will be published in 2018.


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2017. MA in Social Work. Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Sydney, Australia.

2012. BA in Counselling and Social Science. Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Sydney, Australia.


2016. Qualified Interpersonal Violence and Trauma Therapist. Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Sydney, Australia.

2015. Certificate in Resource Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety and Depression. Resource Therapy International, Sydney, Australia.

2015. Trauma therapy training with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (Founder and Medical Director of the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute (JRI) in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, past President of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University Medical School). Sydney, Australia.

2013. Foundation of Buddhist Thought and Psychology Practitioner (FPMT). The Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India.


2015. Certificate in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute (JRI), Sydney, Australia.

2015. 150 hour Certificate in Yoga Therapy. YogaVahini Foundation, Chennai, India.

2013. 200 hour Certificate in Yoga Teaching Training (YTTC). Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India.


2012. Training in Vipassana and Insight Meditation. Vipassana Meditation Centre, Blackheath, Australia.

2010. Certificate in Meditation Teaching. Awareness Institute, Sydney, Australia.


2011. Certificate in Reiki Practitioner. Awareness Institute, Sydney, Australia.

2009. Certificate in Vibrational Remedies. Awareness Institute, Sydney, Australia.


2011. Certificate in Psychological Astro-Counselling. Awareness Institute, Sydney, Australia.


Counselling is a unique relationship, where your situations, inner thoughts and feelings can be shared and deeply heard in complete privacy. Where you can gain support or find greater options, alternatives and new perspectives about yourself and your life.

Marissa aims to empower you to understand yourself fully and develop abilities to bravely face the highs and lows of life.

Marissa has a particular focus on:

    •    Stress reduction tools

    •    Resources and strengths

    •    Emotional regulation

    •    Mindfulness training

    •    Compassion training

    •    Coping mechanisms

    •    Anxiety and depression

    •    Acceptance and forgiveness

    •    Working with trauma

    •    Interpersonal neurobiology

    •    Finding purpose and meaning

    •    Meditation therapy

    •    Support through change, grief or loss

Stress Management

Whether stress is coming from inside or outside, you can work with it, manage it, learn from it, find your centre within it & experience relief. Bringing calm to the chaos.

Using mindfulness, regulation & relaxation techniques you can release the stress from your mind & body, allowing yourself to deeply let go for a while, feeling the tension leave you & recharge.

We can discuss how to make positive adjustments to your routine or lifestyle so you can keep your balance & maintain your energy & focus for longer.

You can learn stress release techniques to use when the stress starts to build. Everyone experiences stress in some form, at some stage, it's important to find out what the stress is communicating to you. What is triggering it, where it is coming from, what is fueling it, what is aiding it, what is it related to, what simple adjustments could diffuse or appease it?

Ongoing stress won't be ignored, if you don't work with it, it can work with you. The great news is, everyone can learn or change and find new ways of thinking, behaving or feeling to gain stability.



Emotional Relief

Whether using counselling or energy healing techniques, emotion can be understood. Just by know how to express or release it, how to regulate it or how to appreciate it. Emotions can be our friends, once you know how to process it and how to work with confusing or intense emotion.

The very gentle & supportive techniques of Energy Medicine, allow any emotional trauma, grief or stress be lifted, so you can experience peace.

Clearing techniques take away the emotional charge within & around you so you can feel lighter & calmer.

Having some discussion about the situation of your experience allows you to express yourself, then the deeply relaxing body & energy work encourages you to let go & release the emotion. Afterward you usually feel very refreshed, calm & energised. Cleansing your emotional slate so to speak.

I specialise in areas of depression, emotional overwhelm, panic attacks, stress, grief, anxiety or anyone desiring to manage their emotion or have relief emotionally.

It really is a wonderful experience & therapy that will support you through whatever challenge you are facing in the present or from the past.

Meditation & Yoga

Marissa's classes specialise in:

Mindfulness Meditation has been proven to be very successful complimentary practices for everyone to participate in their own well being, health & happiness.

Transformational Creative Inquiry Meditation takes meditation deeper & much more personal, to promote a greater feeling, experience & understanding of being connected to something other than yourself.

Meditation Therapy

Taken into deep states of relaxation, you can be guided to relax every muscle of the body & let the mind rest. Depending on the desired result you can use focusing or concentration exercises, creative visualisation, memory recall or development & connection to the senses.

Regardless of the intention, you will be taken to a relaxed place of mental & physical rest. From there different meditation practices or techniques can be used to achieve the desired outcome.

Meditations can be done sitting or lying & desired results that will benefit you could be; mental peace, physical calmness, centering yourself, mind training, deep states of letting go or surrender, inquiry around personal issues, balancing your inner emotional world with the outer reality, recalling memories for resolution, visualisations around desired results, imagining the possibility of what you would like to create, going beyond stress, tension, fear, anxiety, emotion.

As it is a private session & not a class, the meditative experience can be personalised, tailored to your exact life, desires, needs, wants, hopes, issues, dreams. There can also be discussion to communicate your experience, to help you go into your meditation experience as much as possible.

The ambition of meditation is always 'Calm mind & relaxed body' to bring acceptance, understanding, guidance, inner peace!

For those wishing to meditation at home, we can design a practice & everything you need to setup is available. ie books for further learning & cushions etc.


Get ready for birth!

Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural experience. Yet it also comes with its own unique challenges for each person. I offer a 3 session process focused on getting mums ready for the birth of their baby.

All treatments are done in private sessions which allows flexibility to tailor the process for each mums unique issues, experiences, symptoms, fears and doubts.

Treatments are done in the last 3 months prior to birth with at least one week between each session. This gives each mum the opportunity to integrate, practice, re-evaluate and address issues as they arise, in a confidential and supportive space.

The objective for this process is to ready each mum for the birth of their child, to experience deep relaxation, to provide personalised support & skills to draw on. The skills are based on meditative therapies & energy medicine, to releases tension & emotion, feel more positive & to provide tools to practice & use, creating a feeling of empowerment, calmness & readiness.

The 3 treatment process includes:

* Releasing emotion & tension

* Learning meditative tools to relax & maintain energy

* Accessing a positive, calm & accepting attitude

* Learning breathing techniques for patience, contractions & birth

* Experiencing deep relaxation, calmness & peace

* Provide support in the last 3 months of pregnancy

* Feeling at peace with the changes in the body

* Visualisations of the birth

* Drawing on feelings of ok-ness & openness of what is to come

* Release the energy of fear, anxiety or doubt

Chronic Pain Relief

Vibration Therapy, Meditation & Energy Medicine techniques go straight to the source of the pain & tension deeply releasing it, helping you without hurting you as massage & physiotherapy often do.

Working consciously with the mind and body to relax, let go & open up. In the sessions you experience an extremely relaxed state, where you can feel painlessness often for the first time since pain it began.

Experiencing the feelings & having new memories of pain free states & teaching the mind & body to relax deeply, unlocking & releasing the tension in the body. The pain free state lasts longer and longer. 

It is appropriate for all kinds of pain & tension. Chronic physical pain, migraines, stress, emotional pain. It very much works on the mind & body, conscious & unconscious release of pain from the body.

An added benefit is, it also feels wonderful. Allowing you to not only have a deeply therapeutic treatment, to receive relief & support, but also an incredibly relaxing & enjoyable experience!

This is something everyone should try, each individual person will get something different from the experience, as it treats both of your physical and emotional needs. We all have busy lives, Marissa’s energy treatment is an amazing way to switch off and take some valuable ‘me’ time. The benefits were immediate as I felt pain free, whereas my lower back is usually totally inflamed.
— Alison, Sydney