SPIRIT OF NEPAL pilgrimage

In this trip-of-a-lifetime, experience five of the greatest energy centres in Nepal. You will also enjoy expert, transformative yoga and meditation in the most beautiful, luxury, boutique retreat hotels.

Experience Pashupatinath - Swayambhunath - Boudhanath - Phewa Lake - Muktinath

  • discover the ancient city of kathmandu - 1 day

  • VISIT Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath & Boudhanath sacred sites



  • LUXURY boutique POKHARA retreat - 3 days

  • himalayan hike to muktinath & buddha’s cave (optional)



  • raise money for women in need in nepal

As a transformational process therapist and social worker, Marissa creates once-in-a-lifetime therapeutic retreats that also help local people in need.

Marissa at Gone Far Beyond will also donate USD$100 for every retreat member to a local women’s program to help provide opportunities for women. Extra contributions with friends and family are welcome but there is no obligation. 

28th March 2020 - 7 nights/8 days

AUD$3,585 (approx. USD$2,460) per person - $200 early bird discount available

Bring a friend or partner and save $800AUD

See below for details or email to receive a full itinerary

Teacher, Social Worker and Therapist

As a transformational process therapist, therapeutic yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness and compassion teacher and social worker, Marissa creates inspirational therapeutic retreats that also support those in need. Marissa has spent 7 years as an academic researcher, teacher and therapist in Nepal. She adores showing you a place she knows and loves.

You will experience transformational and insightful therapeutic yoga practices and therapeutic processes, designed to help you release, relax and regain a sense of wholeness, purpose and personal meaning.

Being a process specialist means Marissa helps people heal, recover and most importantly find the beauty and appreciation for life. She has been facilitating international events for 15 years.

Discover profound spiritual locations:


Ancient city of Kathmandu

Discover the magic, ritual and history of Kathmandu. Walk the 365 steps up to the Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath) and see the sunset at this most spectacular Buddhist temple overlooking Kathmandu.

Experience the power of Pashupatinath the holy place of transcendence. This is one of the most important Shiva temple in the world as 1 of 12 Jyotirlingas (radiant forms of Shiva, the Destroyer of Darkness). Mystics say columns of fire can be seen piercing the earth from the statues.

Feel the energy of the sacred Tibetan Buddhist site of Boudhanath which is alive with monks, chanting, incense and local people.

Learn about the roots of yoga and its core yoga practices, and specific meditations to activate these the energy of these special places.


Mountain top village retreat

Step back in time staying in your unforgettable, perfectly-restored, ‘Newari’ boutique hotel.

Enjoy two sublime days of therapeutic yoga and meditation in one of the most stunning ancient mountain-top villages with snow-capped Himalayan views. Taste the distinct local food of the Newari people and enjoy a hike meditation at the Buddha’s Cave.

Comfortable luxury jeeps will take you the 4 hour trip to the village from Kathmandu, and then onward to Pokhara two days later. This will give you the opportunity to take in more of the beautiful landscape and local life.


Majestic lakeside Pokhara

Indulge in three days of bliss in one of the best hotels in Pokhara. This is time for you to go more deeply into the teachings of yoga and meditation.

Here you will also enjoy a complimentary massage or spiritual healing session and a boat ride across Phewa Lake to visit the Water Temple.

Marissa from Gone Far Beyond utilises her skills, expertise and local knowledge to offer inspirational, bespoke experiences to raise funds and awareness for communities and people in need or crisis.

While in Pokhara you will have the opportunity to meet the team who dedicate their lives to helping children from disadvantaged, at risk and traumatic situations.

One of many yoga, reading and relaxing areas at your hotel

One of many yoga, reading and relaxing areas at your hotel

Hindu and Buddhist Muktinath temple 3,710 meters altitude

Hindu and Buddhist Muktinath temple 3,710 meters altitude

Muktinath sacred Himalayan yatra

Mustang was once an isolated and independent Tibetan Kingdom. Today it is part of Nepal and retains its rugged and mystical reputation. 

Spend two very special nights in the most picturesque Tibetan village, taste local food and stay in a restored monastery with the 2nd largest Buddha in Mustang. Experience morning chanting with the monks in one of Nepal’s oldest and most remote Tibetan monasteries built in 1429.

Our final destination is a 3-4 hour walk to Muktinath Temple, one of the most revered places in India and Nepal. You’ll see devotees making their way on foot from all over the continent to Muktinath. With its eternal fire burning, sacred water and wish-fulfilling properties, it is seen as the greatest blessing and good fortune to visit once in your lifetime.

A complimentary return 30min flight from Pokhara is included in your fees. A jeep can be arranged for those who choose not to take the hike.

Combined collage images of Pokhara, Annapurna Mountain and Muktinath

Combined collage images of Pokhara, Annapurna Mountain and Muktinath

Enjoy hike to Buddha’s Cave and Muktinath Temple (optional)

Enjoy hike to Buddha’s Cave and Muktinath Temple (optional)

Your perfectly restored rustic Bandipur boutique hotel

Your perfectly restored rustic Bandipur boutique hotel

Experience the energy of the Himalayas

Experience the energy of the Himalayas

What You Can Anticipate

  • Traditional Nepalese welcoming ceremony

  • Your own deluxe suite with ensuite in all locations

  • $200AUD discount for booking early

  • Extra $600AUD discount for second person twin or double share

  • Hotel transfer from Kathmandu airport included

  • One complimentary Nepalese massage or healing session

  • Enjoy Nepal’s finest restaurants included in the retreat

  • All meals are vegetarian, although meat is available at extra cost

  • All dietary requirements are available upon request

  • One night in Kathmandu (Pashupatinath, Boudha, Swayambhunath)

  • Two nights in Bandipur (Buddha’s Cave)

  • Two nights in Pokhara (Lake Phewa)

  • Two nights in Lower Mustang (Muktinath Temple)

  • The retreat includes all fees into all sacred sites

  • No hiking, meditation or yoga experience is required

  • Hikes are optional, a jeep can be arranged for those unable to join

  • USD$100 donation to the women of Nepal on your behalf

  • Professional meditation and yoga teaching by Marissa Nolan

  • Therapeutic processes for greater self-understanding and resolve

  • Experience transformational yoga and meditation

  • Orientation is at 4pm on 28th March 2020 in Kathmandu

  • You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay after the retreat

  • Please allow an extra night in Pokhara after the retreat in case of delays returning from Muktinath by plane. Contact Marissa for accommodation suggestions or you are welcome to stay on at the retreat hotel. Pokhara is also a beautiful place to relax for anyone wanting to stay longer

  • You will have free time to explore and discover all locations

  • Luxury jeep transport to Bandipur and Pokhara included

  • Two internal Nepal flights included to Jomsom, Mustang

  • Onward flight or bus to Kathmandu is an additional cost

  • Marissa can help with any onward or return arrangements

  • Email Marissa for a full itinerary: marissa@marissanolan.com.


  • Contact Marissa to receive the full itinerary and packing checklist.

  • You can also see an article written by Marissa for women travelling solo by clicking HERE.

Everything is Included. Every detail taken care of.


This will be a breathtaking journey in Nepal! 

The retreat includes: all food and all accommodation, all professional yoga and meditation teaching, as well as two internal flights, and entry fee to all sacred sites.

During the retreat: In Nepal, food is so much a part of life. You will be treated to traditional Nepalese home-cooked food, as well as a few fine dining experiences carefully handpicked by Marissa. In your free time, you will have the opportunity to explore all locations, and you can also take advantage of the complimentary massage or healing session.

Previous guests have said:

"Marissa Nolan is a dynamo! She is lively, energetic, strong and forthright. She has a way of giving you confidence when you need it.

The recent yoga trek and retreat that I attended in Nepal facilitated by Marissa was an amazingly enriching experience. As a newcomer to yoga, Marissa was able to share lots of yoga routines and meditations that I have been able to weave into my daily routine, in a busy lifestyle. The immersion into Nepali village life as we hiked in the beautiful Himalaya, outdoor yoga and meditation in the mountains was divine! Marissa’s very personal way of facilitating her ethical retreats adds a special resonance to the experience.

The retreat also raised funds for a local medical camp social project that we visited, as part of Marissa’s ‘ethical tours’ sponsorship.”  This was very humbling". Heather, Australia 2019

Marissa calls this a giving and receiving experience. Indulging in all the luxury and therapeutic delights of Nepal and enjoying the simplicity and rich culture. While at the same time participating in initiating and supporting projects that empower the lives of local people.

Once-in-a-lifetime transformational journey!

Yoga and Meditation

·      Mindfulness and compassion meditation

·      Traditional Indian yoga and meditation

·      Present and heart-centred yoga

·      Viniyoga and Hatha yoga therapy

·      Yoga and spiritual psychology

·      Transformational meditation therapy processes

How We Help

In Nepal, many women live with oppression and discrimination. Disadvantaged or traumatised children are also vulnerable to abuse, trafficking, labour exploitation, illness, prostitution, addiction and crime.

As a local social worker, Marissa works closely with grassroots organisations, community leaders and local people to identify where our help can be of the greatest benefit, with the most positive and long-term social change.

You will have the chance to learn about the complex social issues of Nepal, its history, its crises and understand the intricacies of social development and knowing how to help effectively. You will also meet the team that work toward greater opportunities for those in need in Nepal.


Yoga and Social Work

Yoga and social work are united by the principles of service, humanity, equality, compassion, liberation, openness, understanding and transcending boundaries.

Marissa as a local therapeutic yoga teacher will introduce you to local Nepalese natural therapists and teachers who will share their unique practices and beautiful way of life. 

As a therapist and social worker, every retreat and experience Marissa creates is motivated to help others. For this trip, AUD$100 per person will be donated to providing resources and opportunities for women of Nepal to become independent. Extra contributions are welcome and members are free to raise additional funds, although there is no obligation. 

$3,385AUD per room single occupancy    Includes $200 early-bird discount

$3,385AUD per room single occupancy

Includes $200 early-bird discount

Total $6,570AUD for two people    Twin or double share for two people    Includes $600 discount for bringing a friend

Total $6,570AUD for two people

Twin or double share for two people

Includes $600 discount for bringing a friend

Total $6,370AUD for two people    Twin or double share for two people    Includes $600 discount for bringing a friend    Includes $200 early-bird discount

Total $6,370AUD for two people

Twin or double share for two people

Includes $600 discount for bringing a friend

Includes $200 early-bird discount

Your private yoga studio for in-depth lectures and classes

Your private yoga studio for in-depth lectures and classes


28th March - 4th April 2020

AUD$3,585pp (approx. USD$2,460) including all taxes. (See currency converter for your country's rate on the booking system.)

A non-refundable deposit of AUD$500pp to reserve your place.

If you book and pay your deposit before 1st February 2020 save $200 off a private room with ensuite and also save an extra $600 off a twin or double share room with ensuite.

Full payment is required before 1st March 2020. Cancellation fee is 100%. Group numbers are limited to 8 rooms.

If you need alternative payment methods or for the full itinerary please contact Marissa at marissa@marissanolan.com.

To see reviews or our last trip go to: www.facebook.com/gonefarbeyond.

Marissa has been organising international events for over 15 years. Working together with her team you are in very safe hands!

2020 Spirit of Nepal Pilgrimage - March
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Payment Options:
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