Create your own journey or programme in Nepal and India


Whether travelling solo or with a group, if you want a yoga or meditation, trip of a lifetime with your partner, professional training programme, corporate tour or a profound and unique holiday…

Share your vision with Marissa and she will take care of all the details. She will not only bring your dream to life but connect you with experiences you never knew possible.

With limited time, holidays and local knowledge, why organise your own trip, when you can have someone do it all for you and guarantee you find, experience, learn and discover what you are looking for. Most people visit places like India and Nepal time after time again before they eventually stumble into what they were looking to find, and often after many disastrous situations. It doesn’t need to be that way for you. Marissa can ensure you find the exact experiences you seek every-time.

You have 3 options with endless possibilities:

1..Let Marissa design and facilitate your own group or private PROGRAMME.

Marissa can design a special programme for you to ensure you have the best treatments, specific trainings, unique experiences, discounted best possible prices that are not usually available for tourists and at a date that suits you. All of this at a price that is often even less than a group retreat package price. Contact Marissa and be surprised at what she can offer you.

2. Design a programme and Marissa will make all the connections.

Marissa can act as your agent linking you with and make bookings for the places, hotels, professionals, activities you are looking seek. For just 15% of your budget, you have the peace of mind that every detail is professionally managed and offering you exactly what you want. This is the standard agent rate which is often recouped by the savings you receive and a minuscule fee considering the stress, time and money you will save.

3. Join one of Marissa’s scheduled retreats.

You can find Marissa’s yearly retreat schedule for upcoming retreats that are open to the public by clicking HERE.


The benefit of confidence

  • Receive discounted rates usually only available for agents

  • Choose the exact hotel experience you desire

  • Receive the high quality treatments that never disappoint

  • Learn the techniques, training, theories, classes that you need

  • Tailor the schedule timing to suit you and your pace

  • Make your tour as comfortable or as challenging as you wish

  • Included the activities, excursions and adventures you want

  • Create a private experience just for you for often less than a retreat/tour price

  • Know that you will receive the best services and advice available

  • Access to Marissa’s 15 years of international facilitation and teaching

  • Benefit from Marissa’s extensive local knowledge and connections

Note for solo travellers

If travelling on your own you will be surprised that a private programme designed just for you won’t cost more than a group retreat or trying to organise your own holiday. This is due to the local connections and savings Marissa can make for you. She will also make sure you are safe and taken care of. Marissa can design a private experience in a boutique hotel or guesthouse of your choice and include the exact treatments and activities that you wish. This removes all the guesswork and risk for you.

Create your own health, healing, yoga or meditation retreat

A professional therapist, social worker, yoga therapist, energy worker and meditation teacher. Marissa’s skill in all forms of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healing, recovery and western therapy, means you will have a retreat with the exact trainings, treatments, techniques and experiences that you choose.

By creating a 1-10 day personalised spiritual journey, Marissa can ensure you have the highest quality teachings, a venue that inspires you, unique experiences, at a date that suits you and at discounted best possible rates that are not usually available for tourists. All of this at a price that is often no greater than a schedule retreat open to the public.

Remove the pitfalls to let your trip be risk-free

Marissa has been doing this a long time at a very high level. She’s literally seen or heard about it all. People organising their own trip, events or retreat and being disappointed, being overcharged, the hotel or retreat venue doesn’t look like the pictures, has bad food or is far away from where they want to be, they are given misleading information, places recommended to them that are the relative of the operator, agents getting kickbacks and not giving the accurate advice, being recommended a massage for example that is just no good and occasionally, unfortunately, be totally scammed. Or simply local agents not able to understand what you want in detail, what that means for you, what it looks like and why that is important for you.

So many possibilities

  • Trekking, climbing, mountaineering and adventure sports

  • Pilgrimages to sacred sites and places or scenic flights

  • Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, qi gong teaching

  • Massage, body-work, energy-work and spiritual healing

  • Ayurveda and panchakarma, cleansing or detox programs

  • Cooking classes, food tours and home feasts with local families

  • Charity, volunteering, capacity building, donor connections

  • Photography, art, cultural tours and classes

  • Development, medical, education, social work or therapy tours

  • Personal healing and transformational packages

  • Visit women’s empowerment groups and permaculture farms

  • Tibetan bowl, music, sound and vibration healing and classes

  • Village tours or local art, craft and weaving, safari, nature tours

  • Yoga ashram and Buddhist monastery tours

  • Eco-luxury, historic hotels, boutique hideaways, quaint home-stays


Time to explore for yourself

Having Marissa take care of all the big stuff doesn’t mean there isn’t space for you to explore and make your own discoveries. Time can be factored in for you have your own adventures. What it really means is that, you have the confidence of holiday founded on a safe, fulfilling and successful trip with as much freedom explore the restaurants, culture, history and local life as you wish.

Luxury, simplicity, spirituality, adventure, work or pleasure:

Brief Marissa with your itinerary ideas:


Marissa from Gone Far Beyond creates once-in-a-lifetime transformational retreats and adventures that are also sustainable and socially responsible. Marissa’s past career as a Producer means that she knows how to make things happen, provide excellence, work within budgets, source what you need and meet your expectations. Marissa combines all her professional skills as a therapist, social worker, yoga and meditation therapist, along with local knowledge. She creates unique experiences that are deeply rewarding and also beneficial to the communities they visit. She guarantees every experience she designs will surpass your desires.

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